Gesha Beauty Collagen Drink

1 month treatment

 KIT: 30 vials of 50 ml

Gesha Beauty® Collagen Drink - daily dose of beauty from within!

This is nutrikosmetic new generation, in the beverage's form (flavour: apple and cherry), to 50 times more effective than the collagen pills.

Gesha Beauty® Collagen Drink contains only high-quality components. Main ingredient is hydrolyzed fish collagen, and a blend of vitamins supports its operation. Natural sweetener Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) lets drink our product even diabetics. This composition was created for maximum absorption and bioavailability. Gesha Beauty® Colagen Drink is manufactured using the most advanced technology and highest quality standards in the nutricosmetics industry.

Velvety body, supple and smooth skin, strong and beautiful hair and nails, as well as healthy joints is the result of the daily use of the product. It slows down the aging process, regenerates the skin and reduces wrinkles and cellulite. The skin becomes supple and perfectly taut, additionally obtains adequate hydration.

GESHA BEAUTY® COLLAGEN DRINK was awarded the prestigious Certificate "Diamonds of Beauty 2016", the Quality Mark "Laur Eksperta" and "Doceń polskie''.

Enhance your daily ritual of beauty!


  Nutrional ingredients

50ml (1 vial)


Collagen 5000 mg -
Vitamin A  400 µg 50%
Vitamin C     40 mg 50%
Vitamin E      6 mg 50%


Recommended daily dose: 1 - 2 bottles (50-100ml).
Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitte for varied diet. No sugar added, no artificial colours.
Protect from light. Store in a cool, dry place.


Gesha Beauty Collagen Drink

1 month treatment

cena: 199,00 zł

price: 47,00 €

  • Product
    GESHA BEAUTY® COLLAGEN DRINK contains fish collagen of the name "Peptan", produced by Rousselot SAS - a leading global manufacturer of ingredients for the pharmaceutical, food, dietary supplements and cosmetic markets. Comprehensive clinical research confirm the effectiveness of collagen - increase skin elasticity and decrease the depth of wrinkles.

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  • Technology
    The latest investigative studies using state-of-the-art technology have challenged the effect of Peptan™ collagen. Two clinical studies were carried out by global independent skin health research organizations having a well proven approach for verifying product performance claims.Mechanical measurements and volunteers were assessed by certified skin experts.

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  • Mechanism of action
    This commentary compiles the available scientific information, existing literature and PeptanTM clinical studies results. PeptanTM is a completely characterized and objectivized bioactive ingredient that improves epidermis moisture content and prevents skin aging. Hydrolyzed Collagen from fish, porcine or bovine origin is currently used in various fields including functional food, beverages and dietary supplements. Several studies, including Rousselot in vitro assays, have demonstrated that Hydrolyzed Collagen is highly digestible. If native collagen is very resistant and regarded as indigestible, Hydrolyzed Collagen can be easily attacked by proteolytic enzymes. More than 90% of the hydrolysates are digested and quickly absorbed after oral ingestion (2 & 3). As a food ingredient, oral ingestion of Hydrolyzed Collagen has been reported as safe.

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GESHA BEAUTY® COLLAGEN DRINK contains hydrolysed fish collagen Pepten from France. Comprehensive clinical studies conducted in Japan and France confirm the efficacy of hydrolyzed collagen Peptan ™ and highlight new incentive benefits for skin health.