Skin aging and the role of collagen

Collagen and elastin form the skin’s structure in the dermis. Collagen provides the infrastructure for elastin, securing skin elasticity, and for hyaluronic acid which traps moisture. As we age fibroblast (skin cells) activity decreases, slowing down collagen synthesis. This results in visible changes:

• dehydration
• fine lines and wrinkles
• deep furrows and sagging

Maintaining a good level of well- organized collagen fibers allows the skin to maintain its firmness, elasticity and moisture binding capacity, resulting in firm, smooth, young-looking skin


Peptan® - scientifically proven benefits for beautiful skin


This new clinical study is another in a series of placebo controlled skin studies involving Peptan® (by Dermscan,
France & Souken, Japan). Previous clinical studies demonstrated a significant improvement in skin: moisture
level, suppleness and smoothness, reduction of micro-relief furrows, and prevention of the formation of deep

The COSderma Clinical study reconfirms the efficiency of Peptan® F for skin beauty and documents the
effect on the deeper layers of dermis, in terms of improved collagen structure and density, using the latest
confocal laser scanning techniques. Statistically significant effects are seen after just 28 days, and are even more
pronounced after 84 days. The changes observed in the collagen structure translate into the visual improvements
and anti-age benefits observed on skin when taking Peptan®F.


Clinical study

Summary of Clinical study by COSderma, France, September 2012


Material and Methods

Study design
• 106 volunteers , 40-65 year old women, Caucasian
• Double blind v. placebo, treatments given as powder drink
• Daily dosage of 10g in the morning
• Duration of study: 84 days. Measurement at D0 (start), D28 and D84.


• Peptan®F, fish collagen peptides Rousselot, France.
• Maltodextrins as a placebo.

Analytical Methods:

The latest advanced skin measurement technology was used by COSderma :

• Level of collagen fragmentation at superficial (S) + defined depth (D) with Vivascope® 3000
• Collagen density by rating high resolution echography with Dermcup® Principle of Dermcup® echography
The dermis is echogenic, with echoes coming from the network of collagen fibers and elastic fibers. The Dermcup® applies high resolution echography on the skin by using a 25Mhz probe to take images which are analyzed to quantify collagen density.


Principle of Dermcup® echography

The dermis is echogenic, with echoes coming from the network of collagen fibers and elastic fibers. The Dermcup® applies high resolution echography on the skin by using a 25Mhz probe to take images which are analyzed to quantify collagen density.


Principle of Vivascope® 3000 confocal laser technology

Using a laser ray of 830 nm, the Vivascope device takes images at different skin layer depths reaching down to the superficial reticular dermis. Collagen fragmentation was analyzed at two depths: ‘S’ (at surface of superficial dermis papillary) and ‘D’ 25 um deeper than S). Collagen fragmentation is a key indicator of skin aging.


Results and Discussion

Confocal laser technology demonstrates collagen fragmentation decrease
The collagen network structure at superficial (S) and deep (D) levels of the dermis was investigated by Vivascope® 3000, using laser images taken at day 0 (baseline), day 28 and day 84.

Figure 3: Collagen fragmentation assessed by confocal laser at depth ‘D’ at day 0, 28 and 84

Figure 3 shows how Collagen fragmentation decreases significantly in the deep layers of the skin after 28 days, with a total of – 31 % reduction in fragmentation after 84 days of Peptan®F intake, compared to the baseline (day 0). With the placebo, no change is observed in collagen fragmentation between baseline and day 84. Similar results were observed at the ‘S’ depth superficial layer of skin, - results not shown)

From literature it is well known that chronologically aged skin and photo damaged skin show a strong presence of fragmented collagen in the dermis, leading to a decrease of collagen synthesis in parallel with an increase of collagen degradation(1). Figure 3 documents how, by significantly decreasing collagen fragmentation, Peptan®F improves the structure of the collagen network. This restructuring is very important as it explains one of the mechanisms by which Peptan®F is able to promote visible anti-age effects on the skin, as documented in previous Rousselot clinical studies.

Higher collagen density measured by high resolution echogenicity

The collagen density in the dermis and epidermis was assessed after 28 days and 84 days of oral intake of Peptan®F and placebo by echogenicity (Dermcup®).It is clear that collagen density is significantly improved after intake of Peptan®F while no statistical difference is observed for the placebo group. With Peptan®F, collagen density significantly increases in just 28 days and remains at the same higher level after 84 days.

Excellent acceptability of Peptan® F
The participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire and report on acceptance of the Peptan®F powder drink. Excellent acceptability was again confirmed, with no side effects reported.


This COSderma study reconfirms the important anti-aging effects of Peptan®F, as documented by statistically valid results in yet another placebo controlled clinical study.

Using the latest advanced technology, the study provides evidence of underlying restructuring and regeneration activity in
the collagen network. Ingestion of Peptan®F, boosts collagen structure and production and increases collagen density,
which leads to visible improvements in skin structure, firmness and elasticity after 1-3 months.

The positive effect od Type I fish collagen peptides on skin properties is well-described in literature, and is also confirmed by the large and growing global market using these natural, bioactive collagen peptides in nutricosmetics products - also known as ,,Beauty from witchin''. This lates COSderma study consolidates Peptan F's position as a widely proven and scientifically documented Beauty collagen peptide on the market today.

(1) Varani U, et. al., Decreased Collagen Production in Chronologically Aged Skin. 2006. Am. J. Pathol, vol. 168(6) 1861-1868
(2) Tanaka M., et. al., 2009. Effects of Collagen Peptide Ingestion on UV-B-induced Skin Damage. Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. Apr 23:73(4)
(3) Matsumoto, et. al., S. 2006. Clinical Effects of Fish Type1 Collagen Hydrolysate on Skin Properties. ITE letters 7(4).
COSderma Laboratories, Francja. Zdjęcia kolagenu – ORION CONCEPT, Tours, Francja


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